Taitala February 2021 unboxing: Taiwan's Harvest

This month, we selected our products around the theme, “Taiwan’s Harvest”. Located in a subtropical area, Taiwan’s year-long tropical weather and magnificent mountains create a perfect environment for farming and agriculture. Join Taitala to explore snacks from the heart of Taiwan! 

These are the products that we have curated for our Taiwan’s Harvest box. Hope you enjoy!


Rice Cracker  

This rice cracker is made of rice from Chi-Shang (池上鄉), the “rice county” of Taiwan. Nurtured by the high-quality water in the area, Chi-Shang rice was once a tribute to the Japanese emperor.  More recently, it became a well-known tourist spot because of an airline commercial featuring the famous Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro. These rice crackers are roasted and sprinkled with black pepper, which blends the sweetness of the Chi Shang rice and the mild spice of the pepper. Each bite is a crunch from the heart of Taiwan.

Chi Shang Rice Cracker, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks


Pepper Green Peas and Peanuts

This spicy snack mixes the unique tingle of the Sichuan pepper with fried peas and garlic, with packaging that evokes the famous blue and white Chinese porcelain. (Jay Chou, the famous Taiwanese singer, sang a song about this well-known china. Here’s the English translation!). Great with cold beer and binge-watching!


Pepper Green Peas and Peanuts, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks

Crispy Butterfly Palmier

Inspired by the French Palmier, this butterfly-shaped palmier uniquely reflects Taiwan's role as the “Butterfly Kingdom”, due to its extensive and varied butterfly population. Enjoy the buttery, crunchy flavor. It matches perfectly with a tea pairing!


Crispy Butterfly Palmier, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks

Little Buns

A miniature version of Mantou, Taiwanese staple street food, these tiny, buttery buns are soft, fluffy, and delightfully bite-sized. Their melt-in-your-mouth taste will have you reaching for one after another!


Chi Shang Little Buns, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks

Lychee Jelly

This gelatin treat, infused with sweet lychee fruit, is soft and juicy. Lychee is well-known for being the favorite fruit of Yang Guifei, Imperial Consort Yang (楊貴妃) in the 8th century, one of the famous Four Great Beauties (four women who are considered to have been the most beautiful in ancient Chinese history). Try this Lychee Jelly chilled for an even more refreshing taste.


Lychee Jelly, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks

Dried Fruit: Yanchao Pearl Guava

This dried fruit is made with Pearl Guava from Yanchao, known for its high-quality guava. The Pearl Guava takes its name from its silky and smooth skin that mirrors the luster of pearls. This dried fruit was prepared in low drying temperature, helping to retain the fruity taste and nutrition of the original guava.


Dried Fruit, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks

Crunchoco: Hazelnut

This famous chocolate cookie, which has been around for more than 40 years, is filled with creamy milk chocolate and has an airy, crunchy texture. The sprinkling of hazelnut on top adds a delightfully nutty flavor.

Crunchoco, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks


Osmanthus Oolong Tea

One of the most popular teas in Taiwan, this tea bag includes the golden Osmanthus flower, rinsed, baked, and roasted with dark oolong tea leaves. An apricot-like fragrance adds to a refreshing tea-drinking experience. It makes a great pairing with a sweet snack. Click here if you are interested in learning more about  Taiwanese Oolong tea! 

Osmanthus has a special cultural status in the greater Chinese area. Since its blooming is close to October, which is right around the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is associated with autumn and the moon (naturally). It is widely used in wine and pastry in East Asia, including Taiwan. Recently, it’s been chosen by Western brands like Jo Malone and Acqua di Parma for their perfume products. 

Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Taitala Subscription Box, Snacks



I hope you’ll enjoy our curation! Click here to purchase one of our Taiwan’s Harvest boxes .  


Happy Snacking!

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