Welcome to Taitala

Hello everyone! 

My name is Cecilia Liu, founder of Taitala. 

Taitala is an online e-commerce platform that offers subscription and à la carte options to purchase delicious Asian food from Taiwan, including snacks, dried food, teas and beverages, with our customers. 

Taiwanese food has become more prominent worldwide in recent years - you may have even eaten it yourself without knowing it. For instance:

Bubble Tea - those delicious, chewy bubbles soaked in tea - originated in Taiwan, but can now be found throughout the world. 

Taiwanese pineapple cakes, made of buttery crust and sweet-sour pineapple fillings, are eaten throughout Asia - 20 million cakes are sold from Taiwan each year. 

Din Tai Fung’s Xiaolongbao, a well-known brand of soup dumplings, consisting of a paper-thin skin wrapper, pork stuffing, and hot soup, originated in Taiwan too.

However, there are still many Taiwanese products that are difficult to find outside of Taiwan. That’s why I decided to create Taitala - to provide our customers with a fun and beautiful way to enjoy Taiwanese food, including those hard-to-find, but absolutely delicious, items that are not yet widely available. 

Each month, our team curates boxes full of different flavors and types of Taiwanese food, such as sweet pastries, savory snacks, spicy ramen noodles, and refreshing teas. In each box, we include a Tasting Guide describing and perhaps sharing a bit of culture, or an interesting story, about each item. 

Our goal is a simple one - to share a taste of Asia from the heart of Taiwan with our customers. 

We hope you give us a try!

the founder, cecilia, aged at 4, standing and waving in front of camera, smiling

With love, 

Cecilia (Cece)

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