Honey Black Tea

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Our Honey Black Tea is sailed from the beautiful east coast of Taiwan. 

It is one of the “Mi-Xiang'' teas, which refers to the teas produced from leaves bitten by the tea jassid, which is an insect that feeds on tea plants. The bitten tea leaves have a natural sweet, honey-like fragrance as a product of such a bite. Mi-Xiang teas naturally have fairly small productions: they tend to be the young leaf harvest from the summer months, in which the leaves are not bitten too much by the tea jassid yet.   

Our Honey Black Tea contains rich antioxidants in the form of polyphenols & catechins, which might help lower inflammation and antioxidant activities. For every 8-ounce cup of black tea, it only contains about half of caffeine (47 mg) than coffee in the same serving (95 mg). Our Honey Black Tea makes it a great alternative to your daily coffee!  



1 Ounce Per Pack (Pack of 1).



100% of natural honey black tea leaves. 



Energy Surge


Rich Antioxidant